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christian cruz | composer | guitarist

Suite Homenajes

For: Guitar Trio

Year: 2019

Time: 10'

Awards: Volterra Project Composers Award (2020)

Description: Suite Homenajes was initially inspired by an obsession with J.S. Bach’s Toccata for harpsichord, BWV 923. There is a powerful chord progression towards the end that is quite chromatic and seems to never end. As I began reading through it on the guitar, it was obvious that this would never have as big of an impression as it does on the harpsichord. As this project began, I got the idea to try to set an excerpt of the Bach in an unconventional texture that I believe brings out the effect surprisingly well. I began to then collect some other ideas from some of my favorite composers to write this piece. Some excerpts are direct quotes from pieces while others are pastiches of the composers musical aesthetics. Suite Homenajes received the Volterra Project's Composers Award in 2020.

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