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christian cruz | composer | guitarist

Two Miniatures

For: Mixed Ensemble

Year: 2021

Time: 2'

Premiere: April 6, 2021 

Chris Stoutenborough, clarinet

Susan Rishik, violin

Cheryl Norman-Brick, violin

Jonathan Moerschel, viola

Giovanna Moraga Clayton, cello

David Grossman, bass

Vicky Ray, piano

Wade Culbreath, percussion

Derrick Skye, conductor


The Two Miniatures were written as part of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra's Meet the Music program. Meet the Music is geared towards connecting students with young composers, allowing them to collaborate on a mini-composition.

The musical material used for both of the pieces was derived from a simple voting game. Each classroom was given 7-12 colors to choose from, each representing a different pitch. The result was a tally with a speci􏰀ed amount of votes per color. I then placed said colors at random in Google's Song Maker to create the basis for each piece.

A special thanks to the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Derrick Skye, Taylor Lockwood, and Stephanie Yoon for the opportunity and for guiding me and the other Composer Artist Teaching Fellows through this amazing project.

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