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Christian Cruz is a classical guitarist and composer. He grew up surrounded by the rock and hip hop scenes of his native Los Angeles, while simultaneously being influenced by the Latin American music of his own heritage. As his career in contemporary and classical music developed, so did his interest in composition. ​

He has performed internationally including solo concerts in Spain, Mexico and the USA.


Master of Arts in Music Composition from Fresno State with Dr. Kenneth Froelich and Dr. Benjamin Boone.


Master in Classical Guitar Performance from Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville with Paco Bernier, Judicael Perroy, Zoran Dukic, Lorenzo Micheli, Paolo Pegoraro and Pablo Marquez.


Master of Music from University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music with William Kanengiser.


Bachelor of Music from California State University Northridge with Steve Thachuk and John Dearman.

Awards & Nominations:

  • Volterra Project Composers Award, 2020.

  • Fresno State 2nd Annual Art Song Composition Competition - Best Composition Award and Audience Choice Award, 2020.

  • Gohar and Ovanes Andriassian Guitar Composition Competition: Intermediate Guitar Ensemble -1st place, 2018.

  • American Guitar Society’s Bickford Competition - 1st place, 2013.

  • Randy Rhoads Competition Scholarship - California State University Northridge - 1st place, 2012 & 2013.

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